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Alternative Wedding Styling: 9 ideas to inspire your Wedding theme.

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I have noticed lately that not many couples are shifting away from flowers as their decoration of choice. The steeped tradition of carrying flowers down the aisle is hard to get past even though for couples on a budget it is one of the biggest expenses and for the eco-warriors out there it is not the most environmentally friendly option. So, what are some alternatives? Well there are so many, here are some of my favourites for having a truly beautiful wedding without the price tag or the ecological footprint.

Upcycled - A bouquet can be created from anything, material, scrabble pieces, buttons or old ribbons. This is where you can get really creative and add your personal touch to your bouquet, but obviously don’t stop there, keep working with the upcycled theme and think teapots, cups and saucers, mismatched vases and jars, vintage books and glassware. This can be a timely exercise so if it is something you are interested in doing make sure you start the search early in the planning or hire a stylist that is happy to do this sort of ground work on your behalf!


Pinwheels – Colourful, playful and can be matched perfectly to your colour palette. They can be incorporated in bouquets (one giant one or a bouquet of small ones), as hanging decorations from trees, as button holes, to add to an arch or arbour or in vases/jars as table decorations. Why not look for some vintage books from an op shop and upcycle them along with some old buttons. Be careful not to use plastic coated paper so you can recycle everything afterwards if you don’t want to keep them as a reminder of the day.


Succulents – Oh boy, I am a sucker for a succer. SO many options with these little guys, potted, in bouquets, as a big letter sign, big table centrepieces, little table centrepieces, teacups and succers, in terrariums at the ceremony, in hanging teardrops from an arch or arbour, as wedding favours, need I go on. If featuring succulents at your wedding is something you are passionate about then please get in touch with me and we can live our succulent dreams together.


Paper – Paper flowers look amazing and there are so many different styles to choose from now a days. Because these creations are made from paper they will last and you can look at them for many years to come but if you are thinking they will end up in landfill at the end of your wedding check with your supplier to see if they are recyclable before committing. In terms of other styling elements think paper garlands, hanging cardboard letters, paper lanterns, paper streamers hung over ceiling beams or from an arch or paper table runners.


Potted Plants – Add some greenery to your day, lots of it. I know there are a lot of crazy indoor plant people out there so why not incorporate this huge part of your life into your wedding, bonus, you can keep the plants at the end of the wedding, what an excuse to feed the obsession! It is obviously not recommended to carry a pot plant down the aisle, so why not go for a green only bouquet. So to the Ceremony, you can definitely add potted plants as row ends, aisle runners, to frame your vows or on shelves as a backdrop. At the reception you can go a little crazier on the plant front, hang some from the rafters, place them at the end of your tables, put them on all the tables (be careful to keep them smallish so your guests can see each other) and don’t forget to keep the back drop for photos, basically create a jungle for your guests to enjoy! Where you can get a little bit creative is on the pots, here you can add your pop of colour or go classic with whites and golds.


Potted Flowers – One for the flower lovers out there, why do you have to end a flowers life to have it decorate your wedding venues? Get some beautiful potted flowers to make your ceremony and reception the vibrant flower market you imagined. Think elegant orchids in a classic pot or a mix of flowers that match your colour scheme in rustic or upcycled pots/vessels.


Pine Cones and Evergreens – A winter wedding lends itself to this kind of décor. In Adelaide we are very lucky to have some of the most beautiful pine forests, which have plentiful pine cones just lying there waiting to be useful. Pine cone and evergreen bouquets look absolutely stunning and set the scene for a rustic winery or barnyard wedding featuring a fireplace, mulled wine and the scent of cinnamon. You can continue this motif inside, avoiding red so it does not get too Christmassy, with beautiful evergreen table runners, fairy lights and a few scattered pine cones. Of course an arch decorated with these elements wouldn’t go astray and incorporating some logs in your Forest ceremony is a must. Oh the places you’ll go!


Lavender and Potted Herbs – What about a lavender or herbal theme? If you are a fan of the purple pungent bloom them this could be the perfect bouquet for you. Having Lavender as table centrepieces might be a little overwhelming, but why not include a variety of potted herbs instead in rustic or decorative pots. All of these decorations can then be gifted to those who helped you to make your dream wedding come true.


Flowers – Ok I know I said flowers are not the most environmentally friendly choice, but there are certainly floral options that are more environmentally friendly than others and I understand that for some people they just can’t get passed having floral arrangements at their wedding. Having just one flower for bouquets and minimal flowers on the tables can have a very striking impact. Putting together a rustic bouquet without the floral tape and wire means your floral arrangements can be composted after the event. Using natives and growing them organically is another option and there are local Adelaide suppliers that make breathtaking wedding bouquets that you don’t have to feel even a little bit guilty about. If flowers are your thing talk to your florist about where your flowers are coming from and whether they are farmed organically.


I have collected a heap of ideas for each of these themes to get you started on your alternative wedding styling journey https://www.pinterest.com.au/ejsevents/alternative-wedding-styling/.

If you would like any help with your wedding vision, to see it come together seamlessly, I would love to have a chat, happy planning.

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