Emily Samuel

Owner/Event Director

This venture has been a long time coming and I am so excited to be taking this leap and doing what I love.

I am the perfect person to look after your Event - I enjoy a spreadsheet and budgeting, love research and planning as well as being imaginative and creative. I have experience and training in project management, event coordination, marketing and budgeting in many different industries and have been lucky enough to do this all over Australia from Melbourne to Kununurra. I am excited to be launching EJS Events here in beautiful Adelaide where I now call home.


I am passionate about spending time with family and friends, living life to the fullest, following it wherever it happens to take me, finding beauty in every day and of course eco-friendly events. I am by no means an ecowarrior, but I am trying every day to be kinder to the world around me and to be more conscious of my impact on the environment. I am so glad to be bringing that mentality into my work life as well. I love to be out enjoying everything this city has to offer but I am most comfortable behind the scenes planning, researching and creating. Nothing makes me happier than seeing an Event or Wedding come together through all of the special and unique little details that set it apart and make it a one of a kind occasion. I look forward to helping you create a meaningful event.

Emily Samuel xx